Affidavit of Residency

On this Sunday evening, a call rang into us. The caller stated they needed their signature notarized on some transportation documents. Even though we didn’t quite know what type of documents they were we were happy to oblige.

Fast forward two the document signing, as it turned out they weren’t needing Transportation documents notarized but Affidavit of residency documents notarized for two children attending Greenville County Schools this school year. Once again we were happy to oblige, and so to Affidavit of residency documents where notarized and we were on our way. 

Has this school year has fastly approached us, many of us are needing these types of documents completed in order for our children to enroll in Greenville County or any other County Schools to further pursue their education. With that being said if you are one of those people feel free to call us and Upstate Mobile Notaries LLC to assist with those most urgent needs. As our children are the future!!!

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