Notary for Private Document Signing

A repeat local resident called Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC on the evening of Monday, July 25, 2016 for after hours services. Due to the nature of the signing, no details regarding the type of signing will be disclosed.  A document and its signer appeared before the notary.  However, the document was void of notarial language, South Carolina Notaries Public cannot notarize the document presented.

Since the document was already typed out by the individual, a notarized Jurat/Affiant Statement was attached to the presented document.

This notarization was completed by SC Notary Public Bethinina Gary.

Notary for South Carolina Vehicle Title Transfer & North Carolina Title Reassignment

SC_title_frontOn the evening of Sunday, July 24, 2016, the witnessing of the signatures for a South Carolina notary on the transfer of title of her vehicle to another party, a resident of North Carolina. The transfer of the title had taken place days before by the seller signed in the wrong place. Hence the notarization of the new signatures on the North Carolina Title Reassignment for issued by the NC DMV.

If you know anything about in-state vehicle transfers, you know that it is not necessary to have this document notarized.  However, in some other states, the notary’s sworn statement is written on the title transfer section to be completed.  When the title is void of this language, it is necessary to attach either an Individual Acknowledgment, a notarial form that verifies that a person or persons appeared before the notary.

It should also go without saying, a notary public cannot notarize a document on their own behalf.

Notary for Out-of-State Seller Side Document Oversight

sellerA new Signing Services contacted us to assist with an assignment of July 21, 2016. They had a 2 part seller side document needing oversight and notarization.  The assignment was schedule to take place at the first signer’s place of employment.  The signer did need a copy of his identification for the document package to be shipped off.  The task was completed, the Out-of-State Seller-Side package was signed, documents within it notarized and the signer returned to work.


Notarization for Multiple Private Documents

imagesCAN6X0QAA customer called into our line for our services. The need was to have multiple separate documents notarized. Due to the nature and privacy of the documents no other information will be divulged.  Except that this appointment consisted of over 15 notarizations and took almost 2 hours.

The assignment was completed on the evening of Wednesday, July 20, 2016 in Simpsonville SC.

Notary for Power of Attorney

downtown A call rang into our line at 11:40pm on July 14, 2016 for an URGENT matter. The caller needed a Power of Attorney document notarized. OK! Not a problem right? Right! However, the document needed to be signed, witnessed, notarized and faxed before midnight!! WOW!

So Notary Public Bethinina Gary jumped out of bed and raced to our customer’s location. The document was successfully completed all the way around just in the nick of time with 2 minutes to spare!

Assignment completed at 11:58pm on N. Main Street near the Hyatt Hotel.

Notary for Out-of-State Closing Affidavit

gspA call rang in to Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC from an individual flying in on a private flight into GSP International Airport July 13, 2016 and needing our services upon their arrival.

An appointment was scheduled for the time of the flights landing. This assignment was the notarization of a signature for a Out-of-State Closing Affidavit.

The assignment was completed by SC Certified Notary Public Bethinina Gary and the individual departed GSP International Airport to his destination.

Services for Urgent Faxed Documents

fax On the late evening of July 12, 2016, an urgent call rang into Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC. The urgency was needed to have a 38 page document faxed. And of course, we were happy to help. Shortly after the call came in, our customer was leaving our headquarters with successfully faxed documents.

Yes, we also provide copy, scan and fax services. Should you need these services call us!

Notary for Business Verification

MetroInspecAn urgent business verification and inspection was completed on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 on E. Main Street in Easley.

Notary for Loan Modification

A SC Home Loan Modification Agreement was signed, witnessed by the notary, a separate party and was notarized by a Certified Notary Public Signing Agent on July 8, 2016.

Notary for Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive

ghsThe signing for a Durable Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive was performed on behalf of a patient at Greenville Memorial Hospital, Friday, July 1, 2016.  With two unrelated witnesses in attendance, the notarizations were successfully completed.

Thank you to the local resident who conducted a search via the Internet and found us! Should you need exigent service at a hospital, rehabilitation, nursing or hospice facility call 864.363.8634.

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