Leaving Oregon

A couple waved goodbye to Oregon and hello to South Carolina. On today, their seller side document signing oversight was conducted by Certified Notary Signing Agent Bethinina Gary. 31 pages printed, signatures notarized and documents shipped via UPS. This assignment … Continue reading

Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement document oversight and notarization was conducted on this early Saturday morning of August 26, 2017. Also, the services of scan and fax back of the documents were completed immediately following this signing.

Notary for Out-of-State Seller Side Document Oversight

sellerA new Signing Services contacted us to assist with an assignment of July 21, 2016. They had a 2 part seller side document needing oversight and notarization.Ā  The assignment was schedule to take place at the first signer’s place of employment. Ā The signer did need a copy of his identification for the document package to be shipped off. Ā The task was completed, theĀ Out-of-StateĀ Seller-Side package was signed, documents within it notarized and the signer returned to work.


Notary for 2 Part Refinance

Residence-InnĀ As with any loan the borrowers have to sign numerous documents. When there is more than one borrower and they are in different states, our services are greatly needed to assist with these transactions.

On the evening of June 22, 2016, our services were needed for a 2 part refinance loan. The borrower met with us and signed the documents that required her signature. Then the documents were shipped to the second notary in OH for the second borrower’s signature.

This assignment took place at the Residence Inn 120 Milestone Way, Greenville SC.


Notary needed for Out-of-State Investment Property Refinance

AĀ Upstate Mobile NotariesĀ Certified Notary Public Signing Agent was called and completed a loan application for refinance signing for two local residents in Greer, South Carolina on AprilĀ 19, 2016. The documents were then scanned, faxed andĀ shipped offĀ via FedEx.