Memorial Day…In memory of

We salute and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice!!!

St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, tomorrow is your lucky day!!! Whether you’re looking to get your signature notarized on important documents OR you wanna say, “I do”. We’ll be available to service you.?

working while working

Seeing as we are Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC, hence the world “Mobile” it is very rare that we don’t provide mobile services. Because that is the thing that makes us so convenient for our customers. However, On Wednesday, February 21, … Continue reading

Leaving Oregon

A couple waved goodbye to Oregon and hello to South Carolina. On today, their seller side document signing oversight was conducted by Certified Notary Signing Agent Bethinina Gary. 31 pages printed, signatures notarized and documents shipped via UPS. This assignment … Continue reading


Notary for Annuity Documents

An Annuity Document Package signing was completed by a Anderson SC resident and witnessed by two interested objective parties on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Thank you to Owner Sonita M. Leak for this assignment.  We’re glad that you entrust in us to assist you when there’s a scheduling conflict.

Notary for 2 Part Refinance

Residence-Inn As with any loan the borrowers have to sign numerous documents. When there is more than one borrower and they are in different states, our services are greatly needed to assist with these transactions.

On the evening of June 22, 2016, our services were needed for a 2 part refinance loan. The borrower met with us and signed the documents that required her signature. Then the documents were shipped to the second notary in OH for the second borrower’s signature.

This assignment took place at the Residence Inn 120 Milestone Way, Greenville SC.