Notary for I9 Authorization

form I9An I-9 Authorization signing was conducted on behalf of a Greenville customer via an I-9 Employment contractor on the morning of Friday, March 27, 2016.

The I-9 Authorization service was provided by a Certified Notary Signing Agent at our alternate headquarters in Greenville, SC. Also, for those who do not know Notaries Public CAN NOT notarize an I-9 employment form. We aren’t acting in the capacity of a Notary but that of an Authorized Representative of the Employer. Employers use us in this capacity because we are consider public officials. Therefore, when asked to provide a notarization to such document an Attestation Form, a form commonly used by remote employees because the stamp/seal of the notary public is not affixed, and should not be affixed to the I-9 form itself is required.

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