What You Need To Know

When contacting a Notary to notarize signatures on certain documents in the State of South Carolina there’s somethings you should know.
This post is directed to the Power of Attorney (Durable or Healthcare), Living Wills and Last Will & Testament documents.

~The “Principal” of these documents need to appear before the notary.

~The “Principal” needs to be able to be identified by the notary with an unexpired (State or Federal) government photo identification (drivers license, state/military ID or passport). Or by credible witnesses. *Ask your notary about this process*

~The “Principal” can not lack understanding of the document he/she is signing, be incompetent, under duress or influence or acting involuntarily.

~The “Principal must initial and sign the documents where needed IN THE PRESENCE OF THE NOTARY.

~There must be 1-2 witnesses present (depending on state law for that specific document).

~The witnesses must be 18 years of age or older.

~The witnesses must not be party to, or benefit from the document. And preferably non related to the “Principal”.

~The witnesses must witness the “Principal” signed where required.

~The witnesses must print and signed their names where required acknowledging or swearing that they observed the “Principal” who, was of sound mind and signed said document of his/her own accord IN THE PRESENCE OF THE NOTARY.

Upstate Mobile Notaries, LLC would love to assist you in notarizing your signature on your documents!!!

2 thoughts on “What You Need To Know

  1. Hello i am looking for someone who can type out a paper or papers for my boyfriend to leave his children with my he works out of town and i keep the children age 4 and 5 till he comes home there mother got into a big mess and now is in jail and he just wants to be safe with me having the children till he is back in town he leaves Monday morning i need to get it done soon as possable if you can help please get back to me soon as possible

    • Hello. We wish we could help you. But unfortunately, we are not allowed to draft or prepare documents. We can only notarize signatures on documents. That is a legal matter, and would be considered in unauthorized practice of law.

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