January 1st-7th 2019

01/01/2019- A jurat with affiant statement was signed and attached to signer’s documents.

*** A jurat with affiant statement is one of a few loose certificates not in the State of South Carolina are required to use. This is required when the document a signer possess lacks notarial wording or incorrect wording needed to properly notarized ones signature by law.***

01/01/2019- A just make it legal ceremony was completed for a couple at the Hilton Greenville SC.

Congratulations Bobby & Sheila!!!

01/01/2019- A just make it legal ceremony was conducted in Taylors SC.

Congratulations Eric & Jessica!!!

01/04/19- A signature was notarized on a private document at Impact Realty Group, Greenville SC.

01/04/19- A signature was notarized and witness on a Date Power of Attorney document in Fountain In SC.

01/05/19- Signatures were notarized for multiple signers on multiple real estate and advance directive documents at Waterstone on Augusta, Greenville SC.

01/06/19- Signatures were notarized on an Affidavit of Residency for residents of Anderson County, on there way to catch a flight at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

This was completed at our Liberty Tax office located at 1563 Laurens Road Greenville SC.

Yes, we do taxes also!!!

01/06/19- Just a few minutes later andddd a few minutes away (Burger King 332 S Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville SC), a signature was notarized on behalf of a signer for a Dissolution of Marriage Agreement.

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