January 8th – January 14th, 2019

01/09/2019- A seller side document oversight and notarization of signatures was completed near Downtown Greenville SC. The shipping of said documents immediately followed.

01/09/2019- A very late evening appointment lead us to the Fork Shoals side of Greenville County SC to notarized the signature of an elderly sick and shut in individual on a private document.

01/10/2019- A loose certificate acknowledgment was completed on behalf of an individual whom walked in to our Liberty Tax Service office located at 1703 Augusta Street Greenville SC.

A loose certificate be it a Jurat with Affiant Statement or a All Purpose Acknowledgment is required by South Carolina law when a signer produces a document for notarization lacking the notarial language. What is notarial language you ask? Simple, it is the portion of the document you will see that contains the wording, “subscribed to and sworn (or affirm) before me” or “proved on the basis of satisfactory evidence”, with the notary signature/stamp to follow. When a document lacks such language a loose certificate must be completed and attached to said document. Oh, and Yes, we do taxes as well. Come and let us provide you with the best tax preparation in the area.

01/11/2019- An Upstate Mobile Notaries Notary was contacted by an individual seeking needing a notary to act in the capacity of an Authorized Representative. As most people do. Although, not a notarial act in its self an I-9 Verification of Employment was completed. But an attestation was signed and notarized to accompany the I-9 documents. This act was completed near Downtown Greenville SC.

Most individuals and companies seek out Notaries Public to complete I-9 Employment Verification Forms do to notaries abilities to verify identifications.

01/11/2019- Signature was notarized for a individual on a Financial Assistance Fund document at an undisclosed location in Greenville SC.

01/12/2019- Again, an individual walked in to our Liberty Tax Service Office (1703 Augusta Street Greenville SC) seeking a notary. And again, we were happy to oblige. And so, a signature was notarized on a Waiver of Representation of Bond.

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